About Hammer Down Baits


For Jim Wall, head of Hammer Down Bait Company, fishing is a way of life. Since the young age of 5, Jim has always had a line in the water fishing for whatever would bite. As he got older, bass fishing became his main interest with the exception of auto racing. He loved the sport of it, the skill, and the challenge of bass fishing. He fished local ponds with friends and family, and eventually wasn't able to fish as much because of his high school basketball career. He then met Mandie, Hammer Down's Designer and Painter, in high school, and they soon became close friends and eventually began to date. High school winded down, and Jim introduced her to bass fishing, and she instantly took a liking to the arts of the baits and lures and how they are made. So together, they formed the business idea of Hammer Down Bait Company, and have a plan set forth for a bright future in the bait business!

Jim Wall

Matt Maddox

Mandie ReHeuser